About This Site


Hey folks,

My brother David and I (Ray) decided to start this blog because we enjoy doing geek stuff and love riding our motorcycles.    Our goal is to share some of our stories, but we would really like to hear from you and read your stories and get your comments on what we or others have written.  Every time you ride your motorcycle it’s an adventure and often times things happen that are worth sharing with others.  We really want to hear from you!

David is an electrical estimator and trainer offering electrical estimating services nationwide to contractors, architects and engineers.  He also has a training program for electrical contractors who need to get their estimating team fined tuned to become more productive and successful.  He can be reached from his website - CostClass.com or here - Electricalestimatingservices.net.  David rides a Harley Davidson Roadking Classic as well as a Harley Sportster.  He is fortunate enough to live in Loveland Colorado where there are plenty of great rides.

Ray is a sign maker and decal printer as well as offering many other sign related services, including all types of promotional products.  You can find him on his website - theSignShop.com.  Ray is working on several products for motorcyclist, like club decals and reflective helmet decals.  He also can provide embroidered patches for motorcycle clubs and even custom labeled garments like leather jackets, shirts and caps.  If your club needs promotional items for fund raisers he can help you.  Ray rides a Harley Davidson Roadking and a Honda Goldwing.  Ray lives near Hammond Louisiana which is not a bad place to ride from.  There is the River Road and New Orleans nearby as well as the Gulf Coast and plenty of country roads in Mississippi and Louisiana to explore and one great thing about it is there is always something good cooking along the road.

Craig is our wild card…  Well I just don’t want to pin down what he does, but I do appreciate his perspective on things.  Craig rides a Harley Davidson Roadking Police bike from the New Orleans Police department.  Craig lives near Hammond as well and knows about a lot of river stops and country roads.

Sponsors - We are seeking sponsors to support our riding habits, so if you have a motorcycle related product that you would like us to try out or just advertise you can contact me, Ray Parden by calling 225-567-1900, or send an email to ray@(use this domain name).

You can contact me through email - ray@ (use this domain) which is steeljourneys.com.