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Buying a Motorcycle

By Ray Parden

Recently I had the pleasure of helping a very good friend buy a motorcycle.  Actually, I was just there for moral support and to offer what advice I am capable of providing.  My buddy, Craig dream bike was a ” Harley Cop Bike” and as luck would have it the day we decided to take a trip down to Mike Bruno’s Harley Davidson in Slidell Louisiana was shortly after they had gotten back about 40 leased bikes from the New Orleans Police Department.  It was a pretty impressive site seeing all those 07 Road Kings lined up in the store and outside in the parking lot.  That first trip was just to test the waters since we didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly gave us something to think about.

Craig’s railroad friend Moak, told him about another police bike that was for sale,  so we decided to take a look at it before making the final decision of buying the  dealership bike.

06 Road King Police Bike

06 Roadk King Police Bike

The bike looked a little on the rough side, but when we gave it a test drive it was one of the sweetest, smoothest rides I had ever experienced.  So that made the decision of buying one of the 07’s a little bit tougher, plus the fact that the odometer was only show 7,000 plus miles!  We could not however figure out why the bike looked so rough.  The engine guards (crash bars ) on both sides were worn about 1/3 of the way through, not only that the frame of the bike was worn almost half through as well as the mufflers and the floor boards were worn very badly.  At first we thought the bike must have been used for some pretty severe training exercises, which might have explained it’s condition with so few miles on it.


Decisions, decisions, decisions...

About a week later we went back to the dealership with the intentions of getting Craig a bike, but thought of spending that much money with the 06 out there for about $3000 less than the dealerships bikes took a toll on my buddy and we walked out.  He made an offer on the worn 06 a few days later, and we thought he had a deal, only to discover that the bike had 43,000 miles on it, not 7000.  I guess that explains the severe wear on that bike, all I can say is the rider on that bike must have pushed it to it’s limit and beyond  quite often.  The mileage combined with the wear was too much for Craig, so back to square one.


Moak, checking it out

At least finding out that the 06 bike may not have been such a good deal made it easier to decide on getting one of the dealership bikes.  My old buddy really hates to spend money on things that he does not really need, but the dream of owning a Harley finally overcame that issue and we headed back with the intention of really bringing one home this time.  Luckily the prices had dropped a little on the bikes and the people seemed a little more willing to deal.  Craig rode four bikes before finally settling on one with 14000 miles on it.  I think he made a great deal and the people at the Harley dealership turned out to be pretty nice.   I got to ride it part of the way back to his house and it was really smooth and had plenty of power, but of course the 105 cu.in. engine should be.  I have a 01 Road King which I keep at my brothers house in Colorado, so I spend most of my time riding my Sportster, and the speedometer is located in the same place as the cop bikes tach, so as I was riding down the interstate I kept thinking its speedometer must be way off, because it said I was only doing 30-40 miles per hour and I knew that could not be right.  In reality, Craig said I was hauling ass, getting up to 85 mph, all I can say is that it was smooth…


Girl friend smiling, that's a good thing


Proud Owner of a Harley Road King "Cop Bike"

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