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Sturgis Trip…the plan

I’ve wanted to make the ride to Sturgis for the Rally for a long, long time, I mean way before I bought my Harley or even before I thought I would ever own one, so this ride is going to be a very special. I actually rode there once before with my brother from Loveland Colorado, but it was not during the rally. Lucky for me my good friend Craig got a Roadking about a year ago and he is riding with me as well as my good buddy Bernie who just finished the riders edge course and is getting a bike soon is going to escort us with his truck and bring a lot of extra gear for camping.
We have our tickets for the Buffalo Chip Campground for three nights, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which worked out great because Kid Rock is the headliner for Tuesday night. We’re leaving on Thursday August 5th and arriving Sunday August 8. We’re taking the scenic route on the way up and the shortest route on the way back. We have held semi regular meetings for the past few months in preparation for the trip, but unfortunately we usually had a few too many drinks before getting much planning in and now it’s two weeks before we leave and time to get serious about things.
We have got some stuff done, we all have new tents, Craig got his backseat and luggage rack on his bike and we have new front tires. I installed an outlet to charge my phone on the bike and had the bike checked out, so it’s good to go. Bernie purchased and portable toilet which has yet to be tested, although we did bring it on our test run trip to the Sandy Hook Ralley. We just spent one night at Sandy Hook and Bernie decided the rally life was for him, it was fun!

Here’s our list of things we are bringing: Remember, Bernie is following us in his truck so we can bring a lot of extra stuff!
Tents - I recommend getting a 7×7 (I got the 5×7) Don’t forget to treat the tent with a waterproofing to help prevent leaks.
Ground cloths
Air Mattresses (I’m bringing one spare)
Sleeping Bags and a pillow if you have room
Folding chairs
Shade tent - because I don’t see a lot of trees out there
Towels - 2 each
Large container of water - for washing or drinking. We have a cool 5 gallon collapsible one and a big plastic water cooler type.
A tent bag organized with all the stuff you might need at night - meds, clean underwear, earplugs for noise, flashlight, etc,
Portable toilet and toilet paper.
Extra glasses
Extra keys
Sheepskin for bike seat
Portable stove for making coffee and maybe breakfast
12v phone charger
Maps and GPS
Battery powered fan - YES!
Flash lights and lantern
First Aid kit and medicines
Ear plugs for noise
Ice Chest & Whiskey - block ice if possible
Flag and flag pole so we can find out campsite - you can get some cheap but cool flags on ebay, I got a 3×5 Louisiana flag for less than $10 including shipping!

Here’s our planned route:
Hammond LA to Denton TX - 523 miles, 9 Hours
Denton TX to Raton NM - 541 miles, 10.5 hours
Raton NM to Douglas WY - 445 miles, 7 hours
Douglas WY to Sturgis SD 224 miles

I hope we can do at least 600 or more miles a day but we’ll see.

Return Route:
The fastest way!

I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out, so if you read this please add your comments and suggestions about planning a trip!

Well thanks for helping… we are leaving at 6 am Thursday the 5th and will drag ourselves into camp on Sunday Morning. We have reflective helmet stickers to give away if you see us ask for one. Good luck riders and others see ya there.

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