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Planning Our Trip to Sturgis - 2010 Part 1

By Ray Parden

My buddy Craig and I decided it was finally time for a real road trip from our southern location, one that every biker or miker (in our case- see link for definition) needs to make at least once in your life time.  Perhaps this would be the ride that lets us graduate to full fledged bikers, I mean you need to have a serious ride like this under your belt, or a wife or girlfriend with a rose tattoo on her boob with your initials on it to be a real biker, right?  Well since the tattoo thing is out of our hands, I think this ride may do the job since the route we are planning is about 1700 miles one way.  Fortunately for us our friend Bernie who doesn’t ride wants to come along with us as our escort, which will allow us to pack more gear for our camping adventure at the Buffalo Chip campground as well as be there for us in case one of our bikes can’t make the journey.

Bernie planning his shot...

Bernie planning his shot...

So far our meetings for this trip have consisted of drinking a couple of bottles of Crown Royal and Terminator Daiquiris and then ending up singing karaoke at a bar.  We didn’t do that all in one night at least.  Actually after some debate we decided that we didn’t want to depend on the porta potties at the campground for our “urgent needs” so Bernie purchased a portable luxury flushing toilet - the decision on who’s tent that goes in is yet to be determined.

Craig and Ray planning our "Set"

Craig and Ray planning our "Set"

Most of the planning for this trip is about the camping at the Buffalo Chip Campground.  We know the place is huge and the crowds will be large, but that’s about all we know.  We are researching the rest.  My hope is that we can find a lot of the answers to our questions before we get there so we are prepared to deal with whatever confronts us.  I know we really only need a tent and and sleeping bag to survive there, but we have months ahead to plan so we might as well find some answers before we hit the road.

One of our first big questions is where in the campground to camp.  We will have two or three bikes and the truck, so I guess that might limit our campsite choices.  Other questions include - a.  where do you get drinking and washing water?  b.  how nasty are the bathrooms and porta potties?  c.  where do you put your garbage?  d.  is there any kind of shuttle service in the campground?  e.  how bad was the dust in 2009.

Things we know about camping at the Chip are - a.  you need to have ear plugs to drown out the noise at night.  b.  the place is really big.

Well this is just a start… check back if you are interested.

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  1. kelley says:

    I think you guys are doing a great job! I’m proud of all you “Wild Hogs”; doing something (manly?) challenging. From what I’ve heard this day, y’all are wet… Those darn afternoon thunder showers…. Well, R. F.’s, Have fun, be careful and hope to y’all soon. Hugs, Kelley,( just one of the guys. lol)

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