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Local Rides

By Ray Parden

Most of our rides are local, but that does not mean they are not fun and interesting.  For some reason things just seem more interesting when you are riding your motorcycle.  Perhaps because you are part of your environment you notice things a little bit more.  I guess everything is better on a motorcycle.

Here are  a few pictures from some of our recent rides.

Fathers Day Blues Fest PosterWe stopped at a gas station in Kentwood, LA and this poster caught my eye.  I love the names of the DJ’s, Bozo and Bole Leg.  You can bet everyone that attended the festival had a great time.












Britney's favorite local hamburger restaurant.
Britney’s favorite local hamburger restaurant.

Everyone knows that Britney Spears is from Kentwood, LA, right?  Well she is.  Here’s a picture of her favorite burger joint, Nyla’s, which is located just north of Kentwood in Osyka, Mississippi.  The hamburgers really are good and they make homemade onion rings that are great.  Moak is a big fan of their catfish and battered french fries.

The walls of Nyla’s are decorated with Britney memorabilia.   Live to Ride, Ride to Eat!

Mammy's Cupboard Restaurant

Mammy's Cupboard Restaurant

Speaking of riding to eat, it seems that is often a part of  the ride.  Another cool thing about riding is trying restaurants in places you would never go unless you were just out to explore new territory, which is often what you do on local rides because it’s more fun. 

Mammy’s Cupboard  is just south of Natchez Mississippi.  It’s been there since 1940.  We stopped there on a Saturday for lunch and the special that day was red beans and rice, which was just “okay”, but I learned that a lot of people stop there for the homemade pies and cake.  They bake them fresh everyday, and if you want to get your slice before they sell out you had better order it first. 
There’s a lot of history down here in the South, like everywhere else, that you often take for granted when you are zooming past in your car going places, but when you are taking a day trip on your motorcycle, it’s easy to stop and get off to take a look around.

Stopped in the shade in front of the Clinton, La court house.

Stopped in the shade in front of the Clinton, La court house.

Statues in front of court houses, historic buildings, plantations, and parks are reminders of our history. 

The Carter Boys

The Carter Boys

Visiting family on a motorcycle is fun too, here’s Craig with his son David and grandson Coleman.  David lives in Natchez Mississippi and has become somewhat famous locally as a horse trainer
Hey, if you have a story about local rides in your neck of the woods, send them to us or tells us about them in the comments. 

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