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On the road again

By Craig Carter

Now that I have acquired a bike that I’ve thought about since my early days,  I find myself in a state of detachment from work, girlfriend and other life events because I now find myself in a position that forces me to constantly update my plans and dreams to the next riding adventure and trust  me, with the characters that I ride with, every trip is an adventure.  My bike lust was for an ‘ Electra Glide’ in blue on the cover of a record album my sister had back in the 60’s.  As a young boy it was the coolest bike I ever saw and now I have a similar bike. I’ve had a few other bikes but none called me to the open road like this Road King and I MUST OBEY the call. 

Since I joined this blog or web site or whatever geek term of the day is for it, I am going to attempt to record the adventures, sights and sounds of the open road as I see it. This will be therapeutic for me and maybe someone somewhere can relate to my rambling, bad spelling and run on sentences.  None the less it is a beginning, which I can only hope is action packed with fulfilled dreams and that the road is kind to me and my fellow travelers.

Let the journey begin.

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