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Sturgis Trip Advise

April 22nd, 2010 | No Comments

Hello Sturgis veterans, we need your help!  We would like advise on must do rides and things to see and do while we are there as well as things to avoid.  We are going to be staying at the Buffalo Chip Campground (please don’t tell us to avoid it, lol), so we need your advise [...]

Planning Our Trip to Sturgis - 2010 Part 1

April 17th, 2010 | 1 Comment

My buddy Craig and I decided it was finally time for a real road trip from our southern location, one that every biker or miker (see article in Ramblings) needs to make at least once in your life time. Perhaps this would be the ride that lets us graduate to full fledged bikers, I mean you need to have a serious ride like this under your belt, or a wife or girlfriend with a rose tattoo on her boob with your initials on it to be a real biker, right? Well since the tattoo thing is out of our hands, I think this ride may do the job since the route we are planning is about 1700 miles one way. Fortunately for us our friend Bernie who doesn’t ride wants to come along with us as our escort, which will allow us to pack more gear for our camping adventure at the Buffalo Chip campground as well as be there for us in case one of our bikes can’t make the journey.

There will be many edits to this article as we plan our trip and we really need your comments and suggestions on this one because… well we just need them.

River Road Loop

April 3rd, 2010 | No Comments

By Ray Parden
One of my favorite local rides is a loop on River Road (44)  from LaPlace on the east bank, then up river past the Veterans Memorial bridge at Gramercy  to the Sunshine bridge at Donaldsonville, then across to the west bank and back down to the Hale Boggs Memorial [...]