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Have You Ever Dropped Your Bike?

March 28th, 2009 | 1 Comment

By Ray Parden

I wish I could say that I’ve never dropped my bike, but I can’t. In fact I can’t even say that I’ve only dropped it once. All I can do is thank God that I had taken the motorcycle-training course, which taught me how to pick it up after I had dropped it, because my Harley Road King weighs over 700 pounds. First, I should tell you that I am not a seasoned rider. I had owned a 650 BSA back in the 70’s, which I only dropped twice, once on ice and once when I got on it when I was very angry and gave it full throttle and somehow it went straight up and straight down, but it did calm me down a bit when that happened. Over 30 years later I am riding again.